Marianne Dages, Objects of Unknown Use, letterpress, Risograph, and laser print artist’s book, Edition of 50, Published by Huldra Press, Philadelphia, PA, 2017

Objects of Unknown Use is a book that reflects upon two very different systems of belief, aliens and death. Inspired by the simultaneous reading of three texts; a UFO encounter blog, a catalog of The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and R.O. Faulkner's translation of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the book weaves together the narrative voices of future and past, life and afterlife.  In this book, I employ the language of collections, collected objects and experiences, to write a post apocalyptic narrative; the journey of a nameless traveler and their double or ka. Their voices intertwine to become a science fiction poetic text, complemented by atmospheric imagery of skies, ancient objects of art, and wings, symbol of flight and the soul.

Edition Size: 50 books, 20 hardcover & 30 softcover, signed and numbered
Size:  8" x 6" x 1/2" closed, 108 pages
Binding: Multi-signature sewn binding
Softcovers are case bound in handmade St Armand cotton paper.
Hardcovers are case bound in bookcloth with a handmade paper inset label.

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