Ultrices is a collaboration about place, systems, and chance by Marianne Dages and Leah Mackin. Conceived, drawn, printed, and bound by the artists at Huldra Press in Philadelphia. 2016. Variable Edition of 40 books.

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Each book is different, this is a selection of images from the edition.

The text was generated using Optical Character Recognition and Google Translate as chance operations. Its source is Sigmund Freud's essay, "The Mystic Writing Pad."

Mercury and these changes will be. glyph online

Some Craigslist pictures
Choose a place

This is evident in the milky way,
wandering stars

Poems of people
Braille and then lost

I mnezik across the map
It will last

So you can without distortion
To better mnezik

Soft in the middle

They decided to stay here and hide him
And you become a camera

dream interpretation

cardboard self-control

This is a simple task writing crumpled sheets of paper