To the library

I love libraries because...

1. They have books there
3. Librarians have the neatest supplies.

So, I'm very excited about this little addition to my hardcover notebooks. Library cards! A perfect place to write your name and contact information in case your book is ever lost.

:: now with library cards ::

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of seniors from Tyler School of Art this morning. They came and visited my studio and we talked about what happens after art school, setting up a studio, finding work, making ends meet so you can make your work, etc. It was really nice meeting them all and I wish them the best.

I got to my studio a bit early and while I was there photographed a few books I've recently acquired.

I love the odd pinkish color of this illustration of the Red Eyed Vireo.

:: birds that every child should know ::

Then there's this vivid and bold cover. Love the giant V. Whenever I hear something about victory gardens, it makes me think of Rascal.

:: victory garden manual ::

The last one is Nature's Notebook which has beautifully drawn illustrations of wildlife. I wish Kingfishers lived in Philadelphia. I'd like to look over and see one of those on a wire.

:: nature's notebook ::