Gone Thrifting

:: mikasa plate ::

I went to the thrift store yesterday to look for old books. It was not a particularly good day for books, but I found some things, including a very pretty, large Mikasa plate.

:: wildlife encyclopedia ::

I did find one book, the A's of a wildlife encyclopedia, which I'll use in my books. I also learned some interesting facts about anemones, amphiuma, and the organizational habits of arctic foxes.

:: sweet little cup ::

Lastly, this little cup, made in France, with mushrooms and vegetables all around. A good day, with inspiring objects.

I've been thinking a lot about what I will want to print once the press is running. Postcards? I like designing postcards. I want the first few things I print to be made using the type I have in the shop, no polymer plates. Then again, I want to draw. Mostly though, I've been thinking about color, which will be my jumping off point regardless of what material I choose.

My roller gauge is set to arrive on Thursday, meaning I'll be able to set my rollers by this weekend. Oh, this is so exciting! Everything rests on you, lollipop-shaped tool!

:: picture via letterpress delicacies ::

Me, you, and a whole lot of avocado green

Guess what! I've been looking at seventies kitchens. I'm working on opening an Etsy vintage store, and all those earth tones are starting to influence me.

:: me & you mugs ::

I go to the thrift store a lot and am often drawn to items, especially kitchen ones, from this era. And I'm drawn to the objects that you can't tell right away if they're hideous or beautiful.

:: established & sons ::

I think my grandmother had that same double oven. I just ordered a book from Taschen all about advertising in the 70s, which I also love.

:: vintage clock ::