elementary platen presswork

Brought to You by the letter "F"

The F mug.

It's a shame that the letter F has some bad connotations, because it's a lovely letter. It's my favorite letter to write in cursive. It's fun to say in words like filigree and fennel and. In letterpress, you get to use ligatures with it. Fascinating.

I've been reading Elementary Platen Presswork by those Polk boys and the picture below says it all. Finally, a readable, informative, basic guide to platen presses. Without fear mongering.

isn't that beautiful?

And lastly friends, for whom I wrote this book. Inspired by taking a walk in the woods, "For You" is a small edition, letterpress book handprinted by Huldra Press. The text is set in Gill Sans and the images are linoleum block cuts. Each book is signed and editioned. There are only 36 copies.

It's now available in my Etsy Shop.

A flicker.