New and old

I took some time last week to update my website by adding new work and removing old work. Those of you familiar with my website will notice that there is no longer a photography section. I may not take pictures very much anymore, but I think the muted colors of a Polaroid will always be in my mind and in my work. Goodbye photography section.

Since I won't be in class for the next three weeks, I'll be playing catch up on all the projects I have been putting to the side since winter. Some of these are as mundane as backing up my computer, some are a bit more fun. This afternoon, I scanned negatives that I took over two years ago with my Brownie Hawkeye camera. The optics on this thing are so poor that it creates some pretty wild effects. My favorite qualities of film are its imperfections. There is an element of chance in shooting with older, cheap cameras and with Polaroid that I find thrilling.
That's probably why I haven't been able to get very excited about digital. It's a blessing for documenting work, but nowhere near as fun as lugging around a Polaroid Spectra in your bag and looking like a weirdo.