Slow day.

For the last week, we haven't had the internet in our apartment. It's kind of nice. I've been cooking real dinners. The last two nights, Mike and I sat outside on our deck for a couple hours. I've been reading a great deal more than usual too. I'm about half way through "The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ursula LeGuin. My favorite part are the descriptions of the planet Winter, with its "pale-scarlet" conifer trees and the "small secret ceaseless descent of snow."

Today though, I did catch up on my internet reading though and found these treasures

:: queen bees via the golden smith ::
:: three rolls of kaya via sri threads ::

In the studio, I've been mainly sorting and organizing which has been very satisfying and the type cases are looking all the better for it. I guess that's it. Oh well, slow day.


I love weaving. If I had all the time and all the space in the world. I would have a loom. I actually learned to weave years ago when I was in college, before I even knew what letterpress was.

:: Gunta Stolzl ::

A couple years ago, I got to take a weaving class again at Penland, and made this graph paper scarf out of linen.

:: me! ::

I think there's a lot of similarities in process and final appearance between hand-weaving and letterpress.

Both are labor intensive to set up, the hours of feeding each thread through the heddles and reed or the hours of setting type and spacing material, but quick to execute. Both are set up traditionally to work on a x and y axis, making design very linear and geometrical.

This is a constraint I actually really enjoy.

:: Impossible Objects by Huldra Press ::

And I just discovered the needlework of At Swim-Two-Birds. Love.

:: At Swim-Two-Birds ::
Maybe weaving will be my retirement.