the david continuum

Guests and Projects

I had a guest at the studio last week, the great Kevin Mercer of Large Mammal fame. He brought some gifts, which was very much appreciated and a super cool thing to do. We had a great talk about printmaking and art making in general and even did a little bit of collaborating, which there will be more info about soon. But for now, I just wanted to say...Thank you, Kevin, that was really fun.

 :: gifts! ::

 I also had the chance last week to make a couple of prints.

One for my own amusement,

 :: TVC15 ::

And one as part of a larger body of work. This one is titled Scythian. Letterpress on cotton paper.

 :: Scythian ::

I've also been digging around into my old work because I'm starting a project that will incorporate old writings, and I found some work from 2004. I was so happy to see this work again and to see how much I've changed and yet there is a strong narrative that runs through it all.

:: Untitled, photographic work from 2004 ::

Albums of My Life - Fear of Music

There are albums that I listen to all the time, especially when I'm working. I will just loop these things over and over. These are the Albums of My Life. I have a double tape deck/radio/record player in my studio and a small but beloved record collection. Talking Heads make up a large chunk of that collection.

So I salute you, Fear of Music. Thank you for everything you do for me while I'm folding paper and sewing signatures.

That also brings up the subject of the David continuum. A chart which rates Davids. You can make your own David continuum. Here's how mine goes, David Byrne and David Lynch are on the high end of the continuum. David Cronenberg is somewhere in the middle. David Hasselhoff is definitely on the bottom.