board shear


This week, I've had the chance to spend some time in Delaware with my family. I've been going on walks, going to thrift stores, sleeping, and just acting like I'm on vacation. A Delavacation. It's been really nice.

nice ice

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk with my Dad in Alapocas Woods, by the Brandywine River, and looked at the ice. By the way, what do you call a bicycle with an infinite number of wheels? An icicle. That's my math joke. I made it up when I was twelve.

pretty pretty board shear

Last week, Mike and I put together the board shear, and it works like a dream! I will no longer be cutting book board by hand, and this is good news. Cutting book board by hand was by no means impossible, but it did feel like a chore. The board shear will make it far more pleasant and quick work.

This brings to mind a quote from Books, Boxes, and Portfolios by Franz Zeier, my philosophical and technical advisor.

Again and again in these pages I demand precision, but far be it for me to discourage those who are truly unable to work with a high degree of exactness. Creative freedom, however, should not be confused with sloppiness... An object made with love and care can be a thing of beauty, a whole, even when it is imperfect, by contrast another one, although flawless, can leave us untouched and strike no sympathetic chord.

News and Notes

No not the NPR program. News and notebooks! Slim little notebooks to slip into your purse or coat. With sweet rounded corners and light grey paper inside. They will be on sale in my shop starting tomorrow.

: recycled paper letterpress notebooks :

I really can't believe that it's been two weeks since I've posted and that it's almost February. Mike and I will be going to Philadelphia in a couple weeks to look for an apartment. Apartment shopping in Philadelphia can be a bit..mmmh...interesting. Sometimes the closet door has been punched in and there's cat food on the floor (true story). So we're crossing our fingers. And so should you! I know that dreamy apartment is out there. Just have to find it.

So where have I been for two weeks. I'm not really sure. I've been here and there. And reading this.

And I watched this! So good.

And boy, did I spend a lot of time doing these little beauties.

: a set of handmade recipe cards :

Penland wanted some handmade gifts for their donors, so I made these letterpress recipe cards. Each set includes four Penland recipes and four blank cards for them to share their own favorite recipes. It was by far, the biggest print job I've had to do so far. 2,000 recipe cards. It was a challenge, but I feel like I learned a great deal. Like to how simplify a design for production without compromising what makes it work.

: chocolate banana bread :

And finally...the big news. I got a board shear! A wood top 40" T.W. & C.B. Sheridan Co. board shear, something I've been looking for. You could say wishing for. Mike and I will be picking it up when we go up to Philly.

: see you soon, good lookin' :

I felt it would be really be a great addition to a new studio. I really enjoy making hardcover books, portfolios, and boxes, and this shear will make that much easier.

I'm getting excited, excited to start working on my
press and finding a studio space. Excited that we'll be living in a city, and to reconnect with friends. Things will be getting hectic as we get ready to move, but I'll keep you updated. Thanks for reading.