Alaska Journal

I've been on a bookbinding roll lately, trying to refine my hardcover binding technique and find the best possible way to refill old books. My goal is to make attractive, durable bindings that do not obscure the books original endpapers. 

This book is one I've had for several years, I bought it at a thrift store. In fact, it's appeared on this blog before. It's a National Geographic Collection of articles about Alaska. I read the book cover to cover (I am fascinated by cold, remote places) and kept it because I thought the cover design was lovely. 

The best part is that I was able to remove the library card from the discarded portion of the book and place it onto the back endsheet, a nice detail I thought. 

:: Alaska, cover :: 

:: Front inside, with original endsheets, new matching cloth hinge, and a new text block ::

 :: The book's original library card, salvaged and reattached ::

For Sale!

All these things are available for sale, and if you hurry, it can be there in time for the holidays! Just visit my Huldra Press Etsy Shop. There's more too! More cards, more books, more prints...

 :: Handmade Leather Pocket Journal ::

:: Letterpress Card ::

 :: Handmade Leather Pocket Journal ::

:: Letterpress Card ::
 :: Handmade Leather Pocket Journal ::

 :: Letterpress Notebook ::

The Mushroom Collector

I made this book recently and am very happy with how it turned out. I like the icy blue bookcloth. It's called The Mushroom Collector. It's available here, on etsy. 

:: vintage book illustration of mushrooms ::

:: cover ::

 :: vintage nature photograph of a beaver on a library card holder ::

 :: 100% cotton paper ::

 :: top of the book, light orange headband ::

Lynx and Stars

I made this custom book for a very talented lady, who requested a journal with lynxes, graph paper, stars, and red. I decided to try something a little different and made the book with a soft curved spine. It turned out to be one of my favorite books I've made in a really long time.

:: vintage book illustration of a lynx ::

 :: the milky way, and letterpresses name plate ::

 :: typewriter stars ::

 :: curved spine ::

:: lynx ::


One of my new year's resolutions to myself is to consistently, steadily, make books all year round. To not wait for an order or a craft fair, to just make them and put them out there. So here is what is available right now, these are all handmade and one of a kind with a unique mix of papers.

Books & Cups

A sampling of the new books in the Etsy shop. I've been really enjoying these simple, classic, one-of-a-kind hardcover journals. Each one has the personalized touch of a vintage illustration. As always, acid-free, recycled, and made to last with the greatest care.

And while you're there, take a look at MarkWarrenStudio's beautiful slipcast faceted cups.

I know I want one!

And...Journal #4

The fourth and final custom journal in the series. Birds, bunnies, deer and other things.

:: front cover ::

:: the inside back cover, with a pocket that will hold a card ::

:: desert critters ::

:: deer ::

:: collage of thread, an old photograph, and handmade paper ::

Journal # 1

So for the last week or so, I've been working on four different custom journals for my friend, Catherine. Each one is going to be a gift for someone on graduation day. Catherine sent me a list of each person's likes and interests so that the journal could be tailor-made to their aesthetic. This one was for someone who liked the prairie, the midwest, beige and red, and the woods.
:: cover ::

:: vintage sewing pattern ::

:: old book page and printed ephemera ::

:: turn over this page and there's a surprise ::

:: a pocket in the back with small notebook ::

Each book is made with one of a kind inclusions. For example, the pocket above was part of a handprinted banner I received as a gift. I regularly scout for old picture books at the thrift store to add to my collection of paper bits.

If you would like to commission a journal like this, please contact me for more information.

Stay tuned for Journal # 2...


Three books in the oven! Almost done, and when they are I'll post plenty of new pictures. I've been working hard this week on a set of custom journals for a friend...
And what is fueling these endeavors? Pizzaz! Let me tell you a little bit about pizzaz...
Pizzaz is a pizza native to South Philadelphia without sauce and topped with...wait for it...american cheese slices, tomatoes and banana peppers and it is so freaking good and cheap making it the perfect lunch to bring to the studio.

Maybe I should go get a slice.