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Books & Cups

A sampling of the new books in the Etsy shop. I've been really enjoying these simple, classic, one-of-a-kind hardcover journals. Each one has the personalized touch of a vintage illustration. As always, acid-free, recycled, and made to last with the greatest care.

And while you're there, take a look at MarkWarrenStudio's beautiful slipcast faceted cups.

I know I want one!

Bridges Show in Portland, OR

Me and fellow core fellow (that's not a typo),
Beth Schaible are in this rad show in Portland, OR, benefiting the Em Space, a community book arts center along with some other very rad letterpress printers like Power and Light, who's Burt Reynolds thank you card I covet, and Heroes & Criminals Press, who beautiful, animal battle scroll book I got to see in person here at Penland and much more!

Heroes and Criminals Press :: The Bad Sparrow

Power and Light :: Burt Reynolds Thank You Card

Huldra Press :: Volcanoes of Iceland

Collaboration with Amy Tavern

Amy Tavern and I collaborated on this piece of limited edition jewelry, a pin with a tiny, handmade paper book. The beautiful silver brooch was inspired by a piece of her grandmother's jewelry. Both the pin and the chain are handmade oxidized sterling silver. This Amy Tavern is good!
The Book Pin is now available on etsy in Amy's shop.
She also writes a fantastic blog that features the work of many other talented contemporary jewelers. It's inspiring for anyone interested in what's going on in metals these days.
Amy's a new resident artist at Penland School of Crafts, she will be here for three years. And that makes me happy. Because I get to see what she's doing.

Posters and Paper: Let's Drop Names

This week, I am taking a class with Mina Takahashi, who directed the legendary Dieu Donne paper mill in New York for many years and who pretty much knows everything. She's amazing. The class is being assisted by the Amy Jacobs, former core student and swell lady who is in the process of starting a paper mill at Asheville's Bookworks with Frank Bannon, another swell person.

I am learning a great deal about color and paper, including how to color paper with natural dyes. I'm also just learning how to do things right, which is incredibly satisfying, and will come in handy when I try to do this all by my lonesome this winter.

:: Paper I made last winter using scraps from the studios at Penland ::

:: Mina forming a sheet of kozo paper ::

:: Amy Jacobs ::

On a more neon note, my buddy ol' pal Jason Burnett and I just finished the poster for the 90's party this weekend.

This poster was precluded by the watching of Clueless...
:: Spray Paint, Stencils, and Letterpress ::