New Year, New Projects

I have a new print available for sale now on my website, titled Small Fires. The composition is set using wood and metal type (no polymer plates). It's inspired by pictographs from arctic cultures.

This print is also a part of my design process for the new book I'm working on, which is about my personal mythology of the north, an idea I started back in the summer and mentioned here. I'm excited to finally be working on the design and writing of the book in earnest now, my sense of purpose renewed.

:: Small Fires, Letterpress, 2012 ::

 :: detail ::

 :: detail ::

Available here

Connection Daemon

The text of this print was generated using free translation software, feeding the program my written text and translating it into different languages multiple times. The repeated translation creates a "telephone line" effect, that produces a reinvention of my text along with spontaneous new content,  like a story told over time.


Connection Daemon, letterpress, screenprint, and Risograph by Huldra Press

 :: close up of the letterpress text ::

:: poem text, also letterpress ::

A coffer full of words

:: A coffer full of words, 2012, Huldra Press ::

This new print was printed on the Risograph at The Common Press. I hope you like it. I'm very excited about the direction my new work has been taking and hopefully will have more to show you soon. I am also posting now at my new tumblr page, Tiger Feathers, which is about the things I think about. I'm going to keep posting here to show you new work and talk about the studio as well.

New on Sale

The Huldra Press Etsy store is now updated with new books and prints. Here is a selection of some of things you'll find there.

yellow graph paper field book
(featured on mint design blog)
black pocket notebook with mixed paper

Thanks for reading, hope you find something you like.

New Things!

I've added some new letterpress goods to my Etsy shop, including two different Robocop theme cards. As usually everything is printed on 100% recycled paper from French Paper. I'm now also listing more items in sets at lower prices.

*Click on the pictures to purchase them through Etsy*

So why Robocop? This last year I've been watching all the heavy pop culture movies that I somehow managed not to see during my 27 years on earth. These include Die Hard (watched that last night), Top Gun, Terminator, Total Recall, Roadhouse, The Road Warrior, Predator (that's coming on Monday), Wall Street, Robocop, etc. Yeah. I'd never seen any of those movies.

I discovered that I really like Paul Verhoeven movies...SO good!

And this is the Robocop Valentine.

And lastly, a print from the fall. Fall In Love.
Three color linoleum block cut and wood type.

And if you're wondering if I'm ever going to make books again, well I am. Time to switch gears and start binding again. I'm going to have a line of affordable letterpress notebooks to show you soon and more.

Albums Of My Life - The Roxy Laurie Tape

Sadly, this edition of Albums Of My Life is a posthumous one. Having succumbed to the sweltering summer heat of my car, the Roxy Music/Laurie Anderson tape has turned into the Roxy Music/Laurie Anderson wrapped-in-a-blanket-singing-under-water tape.

Three years ago, I found this tape in a pile marked FREE at the artist's studio building I was working in. The cover was handmade, clearly from the 80's and simply said Roxy/Laurie on it. I was intrigued. I had Laurie Anderson's The Ugly One With the Jewels, and listened to it sometimes, although it gives me the creeps for some reason. And Roxy Music was just one of those bands that was on everybody's list. For Your Pleasure, every music magazine list seems to have it. I knew them by name, but not by sound.

So I took it home and started listening to it in my room. At first, I felt weird. Side A is Mr. Heartbreak by Laurie Anderson. It is so world music it hurts. Side B is Avalon by Roxy Music. It has saxophones and Bryan Ferry is ...well... just weird. But a strange this happened and I became obsessed with this tape and I would play it in my car back to back for days on end. It was like a drug, a smooth jazz and pan flute drug.

that's condo-owning music, people.

As for Laurie Anderson, I went so far as to make a poster with the lyrics to the song, "Langue D'Amour."

Let's See :: letterpress poster

Also, here is the really sweet early computer art video for "Sharkey's Day"

So, thank you Bryan Ferry and Laurie for three free years of music, and I know you are in the big free tape pile in the sky now.

Posters and Paper: Let's Drop Names

This week, I am taking a class with Mina Takahashi, who directed the legendary Dieu Donne paper mill in New York for many years and who pretty much knows everything. She's amazing. The class is being assisted by the Amy Jacobs, former core student and swell lady who is in the process of starting a paper mill at Asheville's Bookworks with Frank Bannon, another swell person.

I am learning a great deal about color and paper, including how to color paper with natural dyes. I'm also just learning how to do things right, which is incredibly satisfying, and will come in handy when I try to do this all by my lonesome this winter.

:: Paper I made last winter using scraps from the studios at Penland ::

:: Mina forming a sheet of kozo paper ::

:: Amy Jacobs ::

On a more neon note, my buddy ol' pal Jason Burnett and I just finished the poster for the 90's party this weekend.

This poster was precluded by the watching of Clueless...
:: Spray Paint, Stencils, and Letterpress ::