It's Time for Crafty Balboa!

Yes, it's time to buy handmade for the holidays and the best place to do that is at Crafty Balboa!

:: I'll be there, for all you book and letterpress needs ::

::there will be books! ::

So if you're looking for the perfect gift for the guys or the ladies, please come visit! I'll have a selection of letterpress prints, cards and one-of-a-kind books. Thank you and see you there!

Friday Afternoon.

Some pictures of our new apartment and stationery for the spring. Available here. It's rainy and windy today. Mike and I are watching episodes of Art 21 and No Reservations and drinking coffee. The cat is running back and forth on the slippery bamboo floors. And loving it. I'm designing a Yellow Submarine themed birth announcement. Friday Afternoon.

New Things!

I've added some new letterpress goods to my Etsy shop, including two different Robocop theme cards. As usually everything is printed on 100% recycled paper from French Paper. I'm now also listing more items in sets at lower prices.

*Click on the pictures to purchase them through Etsy*

So why Robocop? This last year I've been watching all the heavy pop culture movies that I somehow managed not to see during my 27 years on earth. These include Die Hard (watched that last night), Top Gun, Terminator, Total Recall, Roadhouse, The Road Warrior, Predator (that's coming on Monday), Wall Street, Robocop, etc. Yeah. I'd never seen any of those movies.

I discovered that I really like Paul Verhoeven movies...SO good!

And this is the Robocop Valentine.

And lastly, a print from the fall. Fall In Love.
Three color linoleum block cut and wood type.

And if you're wondering if I'm ever going to make books again, well I am. Time to switch gears and start binding again. I'm going to have a line of affordable letterpress notebooks to show you soon and more.

New Holiday & Recipe Cards

All available at Huldra Press's Etsy Shop

Huldra Press Holiday Card : Available in Blue or Green

My first holiday themed cards. Not being a fan of Christmas colors and holly and such, it wasn't the easiest card to design. But I'm happy with how they turned out. Yes, there's red and green in there but not that red and green. It's subtle.

Gift Tags too

Everything I've been printing these last couple weeks has been using the vintage wood and metal type in the Penland shop. No photopolymer plates. I'm going to miss having access to all those unusual little ornaments and drawer after drawer of tall wood letters, so I'm taking advantage of them now.

About a month ago, the school got a donation of wood type, I loved the simple wood borders and used them for these recipe cards. They remind me of an old movie theatre marquee.

kind of like this

4" x 6" recipe cards

printed front and back

It's winter, so that means cooking, lots of it. Roast chickens, soups, scones, and of course, rosemary potatoes. This afternoon, I made oatmeal raisin cookies for my mechanic. An honest mechanic deserves cookies.