The most productive day in history.

About a week ago, a strange thing happened, and I had the most productive printing day in the history of printing days. It was magical. These are all available in my Etsy shop and will also be available May 12th and May 13th at Art Star Craft Bazaar. My first outdoor craft fair! Yikes! Looking forward to it, hope to see you there.

 :: great job! ::

Friday Afternoon.

Some pictures of our new apartment and stationery for the spring. Available here. It's rainy and windy today. Mike and I are watching episodes of Art 21 and No Reservations and drinking coffee. The cat is running back and forth on the slippery bamboo floors. And loving it. I'm designing a Yellow Submarine themed birth announcement. Friday Afternoon.

POST spelled backwards is TSOP

That is what I found out after printing a proof of my new postcards and realized I'd set the letters backwards. I did consider making TSOP cards. I do love TSOP. Love Train.
But I decided to go with the more conventional Post Card. This one will come in two color schemes. I think I'm going to do a series of cards like this with layers of type and ornaments.