Paper Book Intensive : Part Two

Part two of my time at PBI...

I took a Relief Printing class with Ryan O'Malley, where we learned to carve MDF boards, and a hand papermaking class with Ann Marie Kennedy. The theme of that class was "Paper and Place" and we experimented with fibers found around the area and adding inclusions to the paper.

 :: relief print on japanese paper ::

 :: handmade abaca paper with thread, newsprint, and deer fur ::

 :: handmade hemp paper with thread and elk bone ::

  :: handmade hemp paper with thread and elk bone ::

:: handmade flax paper with brazilwood and walnut dye ::

Posters and Paper: Let's Drop Names

This week, I am taking a class with Mina Takahashi, who directed the legendary Dieu Donne paper mill in New York for many years and who pretty much knows everything. She's amazing. The class is being assisted by the Amy Jacobs, former core student and swell lady who is in the process of starting a paper mill at Asheville's Bookworks with Frank Bannon, another swell person.

I am learning a great deal about color and paper, including how to color paper with natural dyes. I'm also just learning how to do things right, which is incredibly satisfying, and will come in handy when I try to do this all by my lonesome this winter.

:: Paper I made last winter using scraps from the studios at Penland ::

:: Mina forming a sheet of kozo paper ::

:: Amy Jacobs ::

On a more neon note, my buddy ol' pal Jason Burnett and I just finished the poster for the 90's party this weekend.

This poster was precluded by the watching of Clueless...
:: Spray Paint, Stencils, and Letterpress ::