sesame street

:: pretty drawers ::

I brought home my new type cabinet last weekend and spent some time looking at what was inside. My favorites are 14pt Stymie Light, 12pt Pabst Oldstyle, and a sans serif simply named Airport. I'll have to do a little more research on that one. Last but not least, a humble little drawer of wood type!

:: wood type ::

I was also thrilled to see this again.

It's a short film about the making of crayons and when I saw it, I had a Proustian moment of childhood memories. I can't really explain why, but I believe this film has a lot to do with who I've become, someone who makes things.

L is for Letterpress

I have such fond memories of Sesame Street. Especially the segments where they would go to some kind of factory or other business and learn how things are made. So when I was scrolling through my Google Reader and saw this video posted by Birddog Impressions, I had to pass it on. It made my day. 

Two kids go to the printer's to get a poster made so they can find their lost dog. Awesome letterpress footage ensues.