I'm famous

This week

This week has been an interesting one with unexpected opportunities and surprises. I won't give away the secret just yet, but I will say that my studio will be featured in totally unexpected, and very cool, way. On film...

I've been working on prints for this mystery project.

 :: mystery words ::

 :: more mystery words ::

This week. I keep looking at minerals! I don't know what it means yet, but I'm fascinated how minerals mirror larger geological, meteorological, and other natural phenomena.

 :: a mineral disc ::

 :: more minerals ::

:: go forward ::

Three Things

:: me and my buddy ::

I had such a wonderful open studio weekend. It was a beautiful weekend here in Philadelphia, and I'm so grateful to everyone who came by to say hello and see the shop, I had the best time and met so many interesting people.

Also on my list of things I'm grateful for...

:: Bear and Snake, by me ::

This week on Cheek Teeth, the blog of the Trachodon, the fascinating biannual magazine literature, art, and artisan culture, there's an interview about my work. I was invited by their super talented Managing Editor, Katey Schultz, to have my work featured in their last issue, thank you Katey!

:: Blade Runner Poster by Godmachine ::

And lastly, Blade Runner. I'm completely obsessed with Blade Runner. I think it might be the most beautiful movie ever made. The reason for this renewed love affair, a friend of mine gave me the soundtrack (by Vangelis) a few months ago, which I've been listening to while I work. Then I rented the documentary Dangerous Days, about the making of the film. I've always been fascinated by this movie and learning more about it's difficult production only made me more appreciative of its beauty. And, I think I want to be special effects designer circa 1984.

Networks within Networks

Huldra Press is all grown up now (it actually has a physical address!) and therefore a Huldra Press Facebook page was due.

And so, dear readers, I ask of you, become a fan! ... or "like"... whichever Facebook is calling it these days. That would be swell of you. I'll be thrilled and you'll be privy to all kinds of tidbits, photos and invitations as the studio develops. It's a win-win situation.

I was searching around on the internets today and found Meet Your Printmaker, a non-profit directory of independent printers. I especially liked this little piece of ephemera by Thomas-Printers.

by Thomas-Printers :: awesome ::

Also interesting, the work of Anna Fewster, over in England, who's doing some pretty interesting stuff. It's so nice to people working with handset lead type in a unique fashion!

A book by Anna Fewster

So remember, check out the Huldra Press Facebook Page! And tell your friends.

Storm of the Century!

Well I had an interesting week. Thanks to Gizmodo. So let's start at the beginning. Way back, in the time machine to last week.

Serval Cat Cards in progress

It was my last full week to work in the letterpress studio before I move. I reprinted some serval cat thank you cards in new color combinations. Halftones are not the easiest thing to print on a Vandercook. You have the have just the right amount of ink and just the right amount of pressure. Otherwise, the tiny raised dots that make up the image will overflow and fill up and you have to clean the plate and start over.

And then Mike, Mark, and I drove to Delaware. In the snow storm of the century, during a state of emergency. It took 19 hours (normally it's a 10 hour drive) to get to Wilmington. It was rough. We ate Tastykakes in the car.

There was a great deal of snow.

So back to Gizmodo. We got to Delaware at midnight, a little shaken, had some scotch, and fell asleep. The next morning, I checked my email and I had many messages of congratulations and many orders, many many orders for Robocop Valentines. So I checked a link and found this!

A blurb!

Apparently read by many men. Many men who wanted Robocop Valentines for their girlfriends. I promptly sold out of everything. And enlisted the help of my dear roommate, Jessica, to help me send off the rest of my stock. Thank you Jessica! And thank you Gizmodo, you just bought me a board shear.

While all that was going on, we went for a walk in Rockford Park, where there is a giant stone water tower that strangely happened to be unlocked that day (it's not supposed to be). So we walked up to see the view.
Pretty nice.

This is where we'll go if there's a zombie attack.

So now we are in Wilmington at my parents house. Waiting out another snow storm by watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and I am reading The Scar, by China Mieville. Mike is reading Lives of the Artists by Calvin Tomkins. The cat is sleeping.